Flat Painting Service

Here are some of our techniques and some information shared for customer knowledge if you want to want to start apartments painting by your self but it is highly not recommended to do because it’s not easy until you are trained to do so Painting interior walls can dramatically change the look and feel of your home. Paint is an inexpensive way to transform an ordinary room into something extraordinary. But first, you must start with the basics. Should you have wall damage, learn how to make repairs with our How to Repair Drywall project guide before you paint your Flat painting Dubai.

Preparing your walls with primer before you paint is the best way to ensure a lasting finish. Priming not only adds to the durability of the paint job it also saves you time, especially if you have the primer tinted the same color as the finish coat. There are also several new interior paint options that now include paint and primer in one, saving you time by hiding and sealing previously painted and uncoated surfaces without the use of a separate primer.

Tinting primer improves the color of your paint and reduces the number of coats needed to achieve the truest color or hue. Primer is formulated to adhere to a variety of surfaces and seals them to prevent stains and discoloration from bleeding through the final coat. The finish coat sticks more effectively to a primed surface than it does to plaster, wood or an earlier coat of paint.


• Remove everything possible from the walls, including all HVAC registers or grilles and electrical faceplates.

• Cover the floor with plastic sheeting or a canvas dropcloth.

• Careful masking at each stage will allow you to work quickly and freely, saving time in the long run.


• Wear plastic safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from flying particles and paint droplets.

• Wear appropriate gloves when using solvents, sanding or scraping.

• Be sure the space you are painting is adequately ventilated. If the paint fumes are strong you should
consider wearing a respirator.


• Although priming is vital to a lasting finish and a great-looking room, there are also sound economic reasons
for a good priming job. If you spend $60 for a gallon of designer paint, you don’t want to see stains or
discoloration bleeding through because you didn’t take time to prime.

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