Villa Gardening Services

Owning their own villa is every person’s dream. Being able to live with your family in your own space with all the luxuries and comforts is something that everyone wants. Being able to grow your favorite plants and maintain a private garden adds more charm to this dream. A garden is one those spaces where you can spend some cherished time with your thoughts and some quality time with your family and friends. Since you tend to spend a lot of time in the garden, it is important that proper care be taken of this part of your house so that it always remains beautiful and healthy.

AHF is one of the leading companies of Dubai that offer premium gardening services. We offer annual contracts at competitive rates for villa gardening and landscaping in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The advantage of growing a garden in a villa is that you have lot of space and you can grow all kinds of plants like trees, flowers, ferns, shrubs etc. You can even decide the layout of your garden as per a theme and plant flowers and grass accordingly. All these services are also provided and offered by us at Royal Green, in addition to many other expert gardening solutions. We keep our information and knowledge updated about the latest trends in the market. You can make use of this knowledge to decide and choose the best theme or design for your villa gardens. Our entire team will be at your disposal for any support or advice that you might need in making this decision.

Our range of gardening services for villa owners starts with planning the design for the garden and developing it in accordance with the design of the villa. After due approval from the villa owners we decide upon a theme and then start work by planting the grass, trees, flower beds, seasonal plants etc. All this is part of complete set of services that AHF  offers. Our expertise does not end with the completion of the designing of the garden. Royal Green also offers contracts for maintenance of the gardens which can be taken by villa owners. Under these contracts, Royal Green undertakes complete charge of maintaining and tending the garden of the clients and ensuring that it remains in good health. This includes:

  • Maintenance of water systems laid down in the garden
  • Replacing faulty pipes as and when required
  • Replacing faulty equipment’s as and when required
  • Pruning and trimming of hedges and shrubbery
  • Lawn mowing and clearing of leaves on regular basis
  • Shaping hedges and bushes into various designs as approved by the owners
  • Seasonal splitting and replanting of plants
  • Weeding the garden
  • Spraying of pesticides and disease control treatment of plants
  • Watering the plants at regular intervals
  • Informing villa owners of new trends in gardening or about new equipments and fixtures for their garden
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